Introducing The Clarity Cloud

Our Clarity Cloud technology enables healthcare silos to interact rather than compete. This robust platform allows the diagnostic process to view the patient as a whole person and allows the patient to understand their healthcare through the lens of their whole self.

This platform transforms consumers from a disconnected diagnosis to a member of a connected community.


Symptomology Survey/Questionnaire

Physician Approval

Healthcare Device Integration

OTC Connection

Diagnostic Lab Results

Pharmacy Connection

Identity Verification

Patient Connection

Hooks for Telemedicine

Admin Portal

Physician Network

Connected Solutions for Healthcare

Healthcare silos have always highlighted the need for connected solutions, and the pandemic has accelerated the existing needs to service patients remotely, safely and completely.

The current healthcare industry has caused the patient diagnostic process to be cumbersome, confusing and inefficient, requiring multiple siloed healthcare services. Post-pandemic healthcare will demand integrated solutions that offer opportunities for safe connected remote healthcare. We have a clear solution.

Remote, Customizable Healthcare is here.

In an ever-changing time, we are bringing solutions to help bridge the new normal for you and your lifestyle.
Clarity provides complete solutions with at-home testing and a platform that ties together remote healthcare for the post-pandemic world that will demand such a platform.
Clarity App Devices

Simplicity in a Time of Confusion

Get Clarity with our COVID-19 Solutions.

Clarity offers comprehensive COVID-19 solutions for individuals, businesses and universities.
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